I am listening to Mr, Bigelow talk about the future. Wow. Truth in advertising. Talking about space budgets. Entrepreneurs in space. Talking about the passion we've lost for space. Damn.

Meanwhile, breakfast was so so. The opening talk with Pat Hynes was excellent. Spoke of transition and the passion with which the global space community is working.toward a sustainable business community.

The FAA rep was also inspiring. No notes of course. Sigh. Pictures later.

Bigelow is talking about China's program and what they are working toward ... ownership of non-terrestrial land ... The moon, Mars ... yeek

Water run engines ... colonization, rental of moon facilities, etc. Control benefits of being there. Scary thoughts. The rest of the world apparently needs to get it's butt in gear ...LOL

Meanwhile the exhibits are incredible. Not much in the way of give away goodies. But wonderful displays. Pictures. Pictures.

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