Things have changed. Lots of things have changed. I'm not at DACC any more, which is in some ways a good thing. In other ways, not so much. Lacking a job is annoying and at my time of life, looking like maybe not ever gonna change. <sigh>

On the up side, finished my NaNoWriMo novel five days ahead of goal, and almost 1500k over goal as well. Rewrite is going well, beta one is giving me a lot of good feedback; beta two may not feed back until after Christmas. Then Beta One gets to fine tooth comb the thing for me, LOL. I'm setting out to outline the chapters so that I make sure that i haven't committed any serious errors in people and places.

Eldest kid is working on relationship. Middle kid is now National Guard and working two jobs and taking care of business with her little girl while waiting for ... no, wait, father unit should have arrived back from networking trip to  Washington State. Grand kidlet is 4. Youngest is having teeth problems and roommie problems and probably needs to be not living where he is but has no transportation. <sigh>

Large idiot dog has earmites again ... Must get fixed.

Job prospects in Las Cruces are not wonderful at my age. <sigh>

So, I'm going to take the time to blog my life and times just for the hell of o

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