So, it's been a while. Life changes:

Middle kid is in basic for the National Guard in South Carolina.

Granddaughter is two and not so terrible. <laughter>

Eldest is doing well in school.

Youngest is ... well, 21 and in love ... this is normal.

I'm still working almost full time for DACC ... which wasn't what I was supposed to be doing right now. Right now I was supposed to be finishing up my spreadsheeting of numbers to do charts and analysis of what's going on for my Ed. Spec. project. Instead, I'm manning the front desk at HPS still ... It would help if they hired for the job I quit and I am hoping the supervisor will be released to be able to drive in the next week or so. Once they have my position filled and her back, i am so out of there!

Meanwhile, working on a grant project in one class using Kindles in the classroom. (Shouldn't that be Kindles in the Klassroom? .. sorry) and on bits and pieces of how to do things as a doc student for another.

I may survive this semester, but it will be a near thing ..LOL


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